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CalUp: Personalized Itineraries For Each Wedding Attendee!

Discover how CalUp can transform your wedding coordination with personalized itineraries that go beyond basic details. From Google Maps integration to real-time communication and document attachments, make your wedding experience even more memorable.


CalUp, the easy to use cutting-edge wedding coordination tool, offers a range of features to transform your wedding itineraries into comprehensive, interactive and personalized guides. In this blog post, we will explore how CalUp can incorporate useful information beyond the date, time, and location. From providing quick access to the wedding website to incorporating Google Maps, visual meet point cues, and document attachments, CalUp ensures that your wedding party runs smoothly and that your wedding party members and guests have all the essential details at their fingertips.

Quick Access to the Wedding Website

CalUp allows you to include a direct web link to your wedding website (or any other web page or app) in each personalized itinerary item. This feature provides a convenient way for guests to access additional information about the wedding, such as venue details, accommodation options, gift registry, and more. By seamlessly integrating the wedding website (or any other relevant website or app), CalUp ensures that guests have comprehensive information in one centralized location.

Google Maps Integration

With CalUp, Google Maps is seamlessly integrate into each itinerary item. By including interactive maps, you enable guests to navigate their way to the venue, accommodation, or other wedding-related locations with ease. This integration eliminates any confusion and ensures that everyone arrives at the right place, stress-free.

Visual Meet Point Cues

When a street address is not enough (for example at a resort, within a large hotel venue, in a rural location, etc.), CalUp empowers you to provide visual cues within itinerary items, ensuring that guests find the exact spots they need to be. Whether it's indicating the parking area, shuttle pick-up point, or designated photo locations, CalUp visual meet point cues can provide a clear visual to help guests navigate the the right location  effortlessly. This feature eliminates any guesswork and ensures smooth transitions between different wedding activities.

Document Attachments for Essential Information

CalUp allows you to attach important documents to personalized itineraries. This feature proves invaluable for sharing detailed schedules, such as "hair and makeup" timelines, music playlists, dress code requirements, vows, check-in information, and more. By attaching a relevant document to any activity, you provide guests with comprehensive information, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed throughout the wedding festivities.

Easy Updates and Real-Time Communication:

CalUp simplifies the process of updating and communicating with your wedding party members and guests. If there are any last-minute changes or additions to the itineraries, you can easily update and distribute them seamlessly through CalUp. This real-time communication ensures that everyone stays informed and up-to-date, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience.


CalUp offers a powerful platform for creating personalized wedding itineraries that go beyond basic date, time, and location details. By incorporating useful information such as direct links to the wedding website, Google Maps integration, visual meet point cues, and document attachments, CalUp ensures that your wedding party members and guests have access to all the essential information. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of CalUp, and provide your guests with comprehensive itineraries that will make their wedding experience even more memorable. 

If you're still at least a couple of weeks out from your wedding, and are looking for an easy way to coordinate your wedding party and guests, CalUp is a great way to provide everyone with all of the important need-to-know details in advance of the wedding. 

With CalUp, everyone gets a detailed, personalized itinerary for your wedding. From seating arrangements to shuttle bus schedules or venue instructions, CalUp provides your guests with all the information they need in one place!

Better yet, with CalUp Concierge, our "done-for-you" service, you won't have to worry about setting up or managing your account - a member of the CalUp team will do it all for on your behalf! Check out the CalUp Concierge page here to hire CalUp Concierge to keep you wedding day on track so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the day!

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