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Top 7 CalUp Features for Wedding Planners

Wedding planning is stressful. Even when you've planned everything right, there's often an unforeseen change that gets in the way and disrupts the schedule. How many times have you thought you were ready to go, and a last-minute change has thrown off the schedule? What about a sudden weather change, forcing a change of venue? Even worse, what if the transport fails to arrive on time? Or someone has just missed the shuttle bus? 



As a wedding planner, you may not be aware of a technology solution that improves communication & coordination with the wedding party and guests. CalUp's new tool can be a great way to keep guests informed,  on track, and updated in the event of any schedule changes, freeing up more of your time to focus on the key aspects of the wedding. 

CalUp is fully customizable so you can utilize the features that are appropriate for each wedding.  Below we have summarized some of the benefits and use cases for CalUp.

1. Guests have a fully interactive & up-to-date schedule

Weddings have complex and busy schedules by nature. When you use CalUp, guests receive their itinerary up front, in an easy-to-use mobile app. They'll see all the events they are invited to, including time and location. Best of all, if the schedule changes, you as the planner can simply edit the event in CalUp, and all guests receive a convenient notification with the updated information, saving you the time and effort of getting the word out to everyone. 

2. Guests know where to arrive with Meeting Point Hints and Google Maps

Being able to provide a visual cue of the exact location of the event is an extremely useful feature, particularly for weddings where guests are making their own way to the venue. With CalUp, in addition to Google Maps, you can add a visual "Meet Point" cue for parking, transportation, entry point, or meet point locations. 

Meet Point hints can be used in a variety of ways including on floor plans, venue maps, resort maps, google map overlays, and more. Meeting Point hints give you the flexibility to provide an additional layer of convenience to your guests when it comes to event locations.

3. Guests are alerted to schedule changes in real-time

While being able to send notifications to guests before the wedding is useful, many schedule changes happen in real-time. Whether due to a venue change resulting from inclement weather, a bus delay, or a range of other changes that happen in real-time, CalUp can help you get the word out - via an event update notification (email, text and, in app message) or an SMS/Text alert.  CalUp ensures that all guests stay in the loop, and feel relaxed throughout the wedding. 

4. You have a direct line of communication with all guests

We've mentioned that you'll have a range of ways you can notify guests, including emails, push and text messages. However, a really useful recent addition to our platform is the ability to send custom text alerts to guests, groups of guests, or the full invitee list at any point. Need to let guests know that the bus has been delayed 15 minutes? No problem. How about notifying attendees that the roof terrace is closed due to bad weather and the event is being moved indoors? Easy. CalUp custom texts allow you to notify guests in real-time, and allow you to relax knowing that all of the guests are fully informed.

5. Guests can share candid photos in one place quickly

A really cool feature of CalUp is the ability to share photos conveniently amongst all of the wedding party and guests. We'd noticed despite all the photo tools available, there was no simple, centralized tool to quickly share any pictures folks took at a wedding. We've helped to fix this, by allowing any guest or participant to simply snap and upload pictures to CalUp ensuring that all guests can contribute to the "candid photo bank".  All photos are available to you as the planner so that you can review and re-share the best photos. However, if this sounds like a feature you don't want to deal with as a wedding planner, like most CalUp settings, you can disable participant photo sharing and you alone can upload the professional photos!

6. Each guest receives a personalized itinerary

While weddings are about bringing together friends, family, and colleagues, some wedding events may have different groups of people taking part. We don't imagine everyone would attend every single event that takes place in the build-up to a wedding, and this issue grows rapidly when we think of destination weddings and people flying in from various locations, arriving at different times, and then taking part in different activities.

With CalUp, guests see only the events they have been invited to, meaning you can quickly and easily provide everyone with their own personalized itinerary. This greatly reduces confusion amongst guests, as they know exactly what to attend and where to be. An additional bonus here is that each event can have it's own group chat and photo sharing within it, meaning guests can feel free to snap as many pictures as they want and talk endlessly without bothering the other guests who aren't taking part in a specific activity. 

7. Simply communicate more complex details of the wedding

Sometimes, it's nice to just have a quick reference guide available as a wedding guest. Forgot your table or your food choice?  CalUp can provide a quick reference tool. This helps you as the planner to avoid answering repeat questions, ultimately saving you more time and allowing you to concentrate on tasks that require your undivided attention.

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