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CalUp Frequently Asked Questions

What is CalUp?

CalUp is the ultimate tool to keep your wedding party and guests on track and engaged.  With CalUp "Smart Itineraries", couples and wedding/event planners can quickly provide an informative, engaging, and social experience for wedding participants.

Simply use the CalUp Web Portal to create your wedding/event itinerary, and send out “invites” to your guest list. Invitees receive rich, informative, and engaging itineraries on the CalUp Mobile App to keep them fully informed, and to enable them to share photos, message with you as the host, and message with each other.

You control notifications, messaging features and all event settings as the host. You may enhance your wedding itinerary with custom images, web links, deep app links, document attachments, meet point images, and more.

How does CalUp Planner pricing work?

Our flexible "per Guest/Invitee" pricing approach helps you to only pay for what you need. For roughly the price of a single postage stamp, you may invite your plan level of Guests/Invitees to an unlimited number of events and activities for an entire year.  Use it not only for your wedding but for complementary events such as showers, engagement parties, and the like.  The renewable 1-year term gives you plenty of time to plan, build itineraries and execute your wedding & other events. Our goal is to let you:

1) Create quality, engaging wedding/event itineraries, with unlimited activities; and,
2) Personalize itineraries easily for each guest attending your wedding event(s).

Your "Unique Guest/Invitee" count resets at the end of each contract term.

What types of weddings and events are best suited for CalUp?

CalUp is super flexible and great for almost any wedding or family-related celebration.  Destination weddings and multi-day weddings are dramatically enhanced by CalUp given the increased level of coordination and communication required.

How do couples and event planners use CalUp?

Couples, wedding planners, and coordinators create rich, engaging "Smart Itineraries" on the CalUp Web Portal and publish those personalized "Smart Itineraries" right to their attendee's mobile phones on the CalUp mobile app.  Attendees use the CalUp app to stay fully informed, up to date, and engaged with the couple and with each other. CalUp helps couples, planners, and coordinators to be efficient and effective with their wedding party and guest communication. 

What are the Lily, Rose & Orchid Plans?

The features of all CalUp plans are similar, and the pricing tiers are based on the number of Guests/Invitees that are added to your events.  Wedding planners who oversee weddings for  multiple couples can add additional "wedding accounts" under their account login. CalUp accounts are annual subscriptions based on the number of Unique Guests/Invitees per year (the count of Unique Invitees resets each year to accommodate changes in the invitee list as it evolves). Here’s an example of how a subscription works for a wedding:  

Example: A CalUp Rose account (max 250 Unique Invitees) is appropriate for a 200-person wedding (plus optionally vendors and venue staff) and will be active for an entire year, allowing sufficient time leading up to the wedding to create the full itinerary of events and activities for the wedding party and guests.  The renewable 1-year-term also allows time following the wedding to view the conversations and re-share photos.  Often the wedded couple decides to renew their annual subscription at the Lily level (max 100 unique invitees) to use CalUp for smaller gatherings with friends and family and to maintain connections with wedding guests.

How does CalUp enhance the guest experience?

CalUp allows you to configure groups of people, such as the "Wedding Party", "Hair and Makeup Guests", and "All Guests" - and send out itineraries items to each group. 

The result is that each individual receives a personalized itinerary of the events that are relevant to them. When an event or item is updated in the planner, each participant's information is automatically updated, including email and text alerts if you so elect. 

The "interaction" settings for each itinerary item - chat, photo sharing, notifications, etc. - may be set as you see fit.  If you so elect, guests can interact with each other through group chats, direct messaging with other guests, or direct messaging with the couple/planner. They can also see selected documents and web links in the app and receive all of your updates in real-time with useful notifications/alerts. In addition to the event itinerary, CalUp lets you use your creativity to create engaging experiences such as:

  • A “Preview” event - sending out an engagement video message to all guests leading up to the wedding. 
  • A “Send us Pictures" event - Allow your guests to upload photos of the couple throughout their life to be later displayed at the reception.
  • A "Welcome Broadcast Message" -  Welcome all guests upon their arrival at a destination wedding.
  • A "Text Alert" - In the event the weather does not cooperate, you can keep folks updated with text alerts.
  • A “Post Wedding Thank You” and re-share some of the photos from the wedding.

How does the CalUp mobile app work?

The CalUp Mobile App is free to all Guests and Invitees, and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.  The app is user friendly and has everything you need to participate in an exciting wedding or event itinerary. 

Simply create rich engaging events and activities using the CalUp Planner Web Portal and share them with Guests/Invitees on the mobile app. When sent, Guests/Invitees receive a notification via text, in-app notification and/or email that directs them to the itinerary item in the app or directs them to download the CalUp app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (if they have not done so yet).

How are guests notified when I send out a CalUp Invite?

When creating an invite, you (the host) decide on the notification settings.  You may notify attendees by text message, email, or in-app push message.  If an attendee does not yet have the CalUp App downloaded, the text and/or email notification will prompt them with a link to download the CalUp app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Once the attendee logs into CalUp and verifies their phone number (or email), their invite from you will automatically display in their CalUp Mobile app. You can also turn off notifications for specific activities or situations where you are sending a long itinerary of activities and only want to notify your invitees one time (vs. sending many text messages).

What are some of the key features of CalUp?

  • Real-Time Updates and Notifications –  After a wedding or event is published, the Administrator or Co-Administrator may edit any aspect of the event (date, time, location, meeting point, document attachment, links, etc.) and update the event.  When the update is sent, the event will be automatically updated on the guest's Calup Mobile app.  Additionally, if the update includes a change to the title, date, time, or location and notifications are turned ON (text, email, and/or in-app) all invitees will receive a notification message so they are up-to-date on the changed event/activity. 
  • Messaging – CalUp provides three types of messaging, all of which are configurable by the Administrator  or Co-Admin:
    1) One-way broadcast messaging (In-App or SMS/Text) from the Admin/Co-Admin to the guests who may view the message, but may not respond;
    2) Event/activity group messaging amongst the Admin/Co-Admin and all guests to an event/activity – all participants can view and participate in the discussion.
    3) 1:1 direct messaging amongst guests – if enabled, any participant may direct message any other participant (including an In-App Co-Host).   
  • Photo Sharing – As an Admin/Co-Admin you may add any number of photos to an event/activity to share with and engage your guests.  Additionally, you may allow guests to share photos. If participant photo sharing is enabled, all invitees can view the photos shared by other participants.  As Admin/Co-Admin you can “hide” photos that you deem inappropriate for group sharing. 
  • Web Links and Document Attachments – CalUp allows you to attach a PDF and/or a web link to any itinerary item and these are viewable within the app to all of your guests. This allows you to get creative with your event and to provide key details. With the web link, you can include a link to a booking system, zoom/meet, video, deep mobile app link, resort website, FAQ, or anything else that you believe would enhance your guest experience. Alternatively, for the PDF, you can include a high-level schedule, menu, a what-to-pack list, information guide, etc. By using both of these together, your guests are in a great position to be fully informed and get the most out of your event.
  • Location Hints and Meet Points - We’ve discovered that when planning events, particularly at larger or more complex venues, a google maps address isn’t enough to get people to the right location. This can lead to last-minute confusion as attendees are unsure of where to show up to meet transportation, park, find the group, etc. This is why we’ve developed Location Hints, a customizable graphic you can upload to your event that shows people exactly where to meet. We recommend you take a map of your venue or a screenshot of a web map, then using a graphics tool, place an arrow pointing to exactly where people should arrive to attend your event. This is ideal for weddings in large hotels, resorts, large venues and rural meet points.

How do I manage contacts and groups in CalUp?

You may add contacts to CalUp in several ways: 

1) Individually, via the “Add Contact” tool

2) In bulk, by importing a spreadsheet with your contacts via the “import contacts” tool

3) Import of a third-party guest list. If you already have a guest list on WithJoy, Zola, or The Knot, you can export your guest list and import it into your CalUp account. 

When you create an event or activity, you may simply select the contact(s) and/or group(s) you want to invite to an event. 

What if someone is behaving inappropriately on CalUp?

At CalUp, we take the safety of our users seriously. If you believe you have identified someone misusing our platform, such as targeting/harassing an individual or group, please report the event item in the CalUp App and send us an email at support@getcalup.com with a description and screenshots of the issue. Please note that private events (and the related group chats and photos) are shared only amongst the host and the guests. Hosts also can hide any photos they deem inappropriate.

Can I change my plan later after I sign up? What if I want to cancel?

You can upgrade your plan anytime if your number of Unique Guests/Invitees or text messages volume grows beyond your subscription limit.  You may downgrade your plan at the end of the then-current annual contract term if you expect your number of Guests/Unique Invitees to be lower in the subsequent year.

You may cancel your account at any time. Your account will be available through the end of the current annual contract term and will be automatically closed after the contract term.