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Elevate Your Wedding With Digital Wedding Coordination  

Discover CalUp!

Digital Guest Coordination with CalUp helps keep your guests informed, reduces anxiety for all, and keeps your wedding day on track. All Plans allow for unlimited events, activities and groups, and provide a full year of access.  Use CalUp DIY or alongside your wedding planner.

Coordinate Like Never Before!

You can't control the weather, traffic, or Uncle Jonny, but with CalUp, you can easily keep everyone informed, updated, and on track.

With CalUp, You Can:

  • Send everyone a Personalized Wedding Program that lets them know exactly where to be & when
  • Provide visual meet point cues to let guests know exactly where to meet the shuttle, park their car, or gather for the reception
  • Update the time and/or location of any wedding related activity, and send text notifications to make impacted participants aware
  • For an "Unplugged Ceremony", preschedule a text alert 15 minutes before the ceremony asking guests to silence their phones
  • Prompt wedding participants to share their candid photos in the CalUp Wedding Guest App
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Pricing & Plans



Personalized Wedding Programs for up to 100 Invited Guests. 

  • Checkmark One Year of Access (Renewable)
  • Checkmark 4 User Accounts
  • Checkmark Unlimited Wedding Activities
  • Checkmark Unlimited Groups
  • Checkmark 2,000 Texts
  • Checkmark Support By Email & Chat



Personalized Wedding Programs for up to 250 Invited Guests. 

  • Checkmark One Year of Access (Renewable)
  • Checkmark 4 User Accounts
  • Checkmark Unlimited Wedding Activities
  • Checkmark Unlimited Groups
  • Checkmark 4,000 Texts
  • Checkmark Support By Email & Chat



Personalized Wedding Programs for up to 500 Invited Guests. 

  • Checkmark One Year of Access (Renewable)
  • Checkmark 4 User Accounts
  • Checkmark Unlimited Wedding Activities
  • Checkmark Unlimited Groups
  • Checkmark 7,500 Texts
  • Checkmark Support By Email & Chat

CalUp Concierge


Add to any Plan and the CalUp Team can manage your account. Learn More

  • Checkmark Full Wedding Setup
  • Checkmark Dedicated CalUp Team Member
  • Checkmark Scheduled Text Alerts & Reminders
  • Checkmark Candid Photos From Your Wedding
  • Checkmark On Call Wedding Day Support (optional)
  • Checkmark Wedding Preview Session

Pricing FAQ

How does CalUp Planner pricing work?

Our flexible "per Guest/Invitee" pricing approach helps you to only pay for what you need. For roughly the price of a single postage stamp, you may invite your plan level of Guests/Invitees to an unlimited number of events and activities for an entire year.  Use it not only for your wedding, but for complementary events such as showers, engagement parties and the like.  The renewable 1 year term gives you plenty of time to plan, build itineraries and execute your wedding & other event(s). Our goal is to let you:

1) Create quality, engaging wedding/event itineraries, with unlimited activities; and,
2) Personalize itineraries easily for each guest attending your wedding event(s).

Your "Unique Guest/Invitee" count resets at the end of each contract term.

What are the Lily, Rose & Orchid Plans?

The features of all CalUp plans are similar, and the pricing tiers are based on the number or Guests/Invitees that are added to your events.  Wedding planners who oversee weddings for  multiple couples can add additional "wedding accounts" under their account login. CalUp accounts are annual subscriptions based on the number of Unique Guests/Invitees per year (the count of Unique Invitees resets each year to accommodate changes in the invitee list if it evolves over time). Here’s an example of how a subscription works for a wedding:  

Example: A CalUp Rose account (max 250 Unique Invitees) is appropriate for a 200 person wedding (plus optionally vendors and venue staff) and will be active for an entire year, allowing sufficient time leading up to the wedding to create the full itinerary of events and activities for the wedding party and guests.  The renewable 1-year-term also allows time following the wedding to view the conversations and re-share photos.  Often the wedded couple decide to renew their annual subscription at the Lily level (max 100 unique invitees) to use CalUp for smaller gatherings with friends and family and to maintain connections with wedding guests.

Can I change my plan later after I sign up? What if I want to cancel?

You can upgrade your plan anytime if your number of Unique Guests/Invitees or text messages volume grows beyond your subscription limit.  You may downgrade your plan at the end of the then current annual contract term if you expect your number of Guests/Unique Invitees to be lower in the subsequent year.

You may cancel your account at any time. Your account will be available through the end of the current annual contract term and will be automatically closed at the completion of the contract term. 

How does the CalUp mobile app work?

The CalUp Mobile App is free to all Guests and  Invitees, and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.  The app is user friendly and has everything you need to participate in an exciting wedding or event itinerary. 

Simply create rich engaging events and activities using the CalUp Planner Web Portal and share them with Guests/Invitees on the mobile app. When sent, Guests/Invitees receive a notification via text, in-app notification and/or email that directs them to the itinerary item in the app or directs them to download the CalUp app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (if they have not done so yet).