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Build New Revenue Streams & Differentiate Your Planning Business

In this article, we'll cover how you can use CalUp to add value to your weddings with guest engagement & improved coordination.


Better Coordination with CalUp

As a Wedding Planner, you know the importance of communication and organization when it comes to making sure a couple's big day goes off without a hitch. But, even when you have everything perfectly planned out, you can still be bombarded with questions from wedding party members and guests, or confronted with unforeseen schedule changes.

With CalUp Planner, each invited guest and wedding party member receives a  personalized "smart itinerary" on the CalUp mobile app that keeps them on track, and answers just about any logistics question that may arise. And if a guest does have a question, CalUp provides an easy to use chat channel where they can ask the account administrators (typically your planning team or the couple).

If group chat is turned on, another guest can respond to a question like “Where is the best place to park?”. As a planner, CalUp lets you spend more time focused on the key aspects of the wedding, and less time being pulled in different directions dealing with distracting questions.

CalUp lets you put all the necessary and interesting information in the palm of your guests’ hand, while also giving you the opportunity to communicate proactively (with welcome messages and event prompts), or reactively (in response to guest questions or unplanned schedule changes).

In addition to pure utility, CalUp Planner offers optional event settings that let you or your couple turn CalUp into a private social space with fun features like photo sharing, group chat, direct messaging and more.

Build a New Revenue Stream with CalUp

CalUp enables a variety of approaches to building new revenue streams. These range from full service setup and management of CalUp to hourly advisory and support services. Additionally, planners may offer turnkey wedding setup on CalUp, and then allow the couple or their designee to take the lead on communications and updates including on-the-fly updates.

One great benefit of CalUp is that planners can manage communications remotely if they happen to, for example, not be present at the rehearsal dinner. Ultimately planners have the ability to offer a service that matches their couple’s needs, and allows them to build a profitable new revenue stream.  

Below, we’ve provided examples of three guest engagement service tiers.  Each planner’s service offering and pricing should be based on their skill sets, market billing rate, and the size & complexity of the wedding.

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CalUp Service Package Examples

A La Carte Support

From wedding setup, to monitoring chats, to proactive guest engagement, CalUp enables a variety of services for planners to offer à la carte. Couples that love technology may wish to set up their own wedding on CalUp, but have their wedding planner monitor and manage communications. Three à la carte service offering examples follow:

  • Virtual Pre-Publishing CalUp Review.  Spend as much time as the couple requires clicking through the final itinerary and related details.  Planners provide an experienced second set of eyes.
  • Virtual Pre-Wedding & Final Schedule Review.  Make sure any last minute adjustments are reflected and ensure that any late RSVPs are properly included in the appropriate events.
  • Day-of-Events Guest Engagement.  As agreed with the couple, the planner can monitor group chat for guest questions, and utilize the CalUp chat features to send prompts, welcome notes or reminder messages to individual participants or groups.  In the event of schedule changes, the planner can update CalUp events on-the-fly including sending alerts to invited participants.

Setup and Basic Day Of Engagement* - $500 to +$1,000:

In this scenario, the planner sets up and publishes CalUp itineraries. Depending on the complexity of the wedding this process should take 2-5 hours including a virtual review with the couple. 

Basic Day of Engagement, which should take 2-3 hours (more for complex weddings with many events and activities), includes updating the itinerary in the event of a schedule change including sending alerts to invited participants, and monitoring group chat (if enabled) for guest questions.

Turnkey Full Service Engagement* - $750 to +$2,500

This scenario includes the same setup activities as “Setup and Basic Day Of Engagement''. In addition, planners pro-actively engage with guests using chat at key points in the wedding to ensure folks are on track, informed and having fun. Chat communication snippets can include welcome messages, group reminders related to parking, transportation, candid photo prompts.

Full service engagement can add 2 or more hours depending on the duration and complexity of the wedding, the number of guests, and the degree of engagement desired by the couple. 

*The pricing examples provided are suggestions only based on weddings between 50 to 200 guests, with a wedding party of 8-12 individuals and a standard set of wedding related activities. Your pricing should be determined based on your billing rate, the level of engagement your couple requests, the size of the guest list, and the complexity of the wedding.  

Wrap Up

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the CalUp Team, or if you'd like to see a Free Demo of how it works, just book a time here.  We think you’ll find that CalUp enables a great new service that grows your revenue potential while providing couples and guests with a greatly enhanced wedding experience. Give it a try today!

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